More on the ACS Publication Agreement

Scholarly Communications at Texas A&M University has posted a detailed commentary on the new ACS publication agreement that might be of interest to graduate schools and libraries alike. A brief excerpt is posted below:

The American Chemical Society, publisher of some 40 scientific, peer-reviewed journals, has just announced that it is rolling out a new ACS Journal Publishing Agreement for each of its journals between October 11 and October 25. The new Publishing Agreement replaces the former “ACS Copyright Status Form” that was oft-criticized for its highly restrictive terms that prohibited authors from using their own content in research and instructional activities. The new agreement was devised with the input of “ACS journal authors, editors, librarians, governance members, and legal counsel” to expand author rights and clarify author responsibilities.

A close examination of the new policy and supporting documentation gives authors, librarians and other advocates of users’ rights reasons to celebrate. Most welcome is the clearly articulated policy for including published ACS content in other works produced by the author — theses and dissertations, teaching materials and presentations – or in Web repositories maintained by agencies or institutions.

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