Using Creative Commons and Public Domain Works: A Tutorial

The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library at the University of Montana – Missoula has an intriguing tutorial available from their website on understanding and using works in the public domain and with creative commons licenses. The blog post describing the tutorial, shares

Are you looking for that perfect image, text excerpt, map, music score excerpt, photograph, movie, etc. for your thesis, dissertation, class, or publication?  You may want to consider using materials in the public domain or those covered by a Creative Commons license.  To learn more please have a look at the new library guide entitled Public Domain and Creative Commons: A Guide to Works You Can Use Freely. This guide serves as a tutorial as well as a location tool to familiarize you with materials that are not covered under copyright law or those that are covered under Creative Commons licenses.  Please feel free to share your feedback on this new guide.

I’ve not had a chance to do more than browse through the tutorial, but I like the way the tutorial is laid out, with tabbed sections such as: definitions, is it a public domain work?, is it a Creative Commons work?, sources for public domain/Creative Commons works, etc.

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